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See what VELUX® adds to your kitchen.

Enjoy a VELUX kithen with Gold Coast Skylights.

Make Gold Coast your Skylight source for every project. If you know what you want or you just want to leave it to us, we illuminate all your natural-light dreams. Call today!

Advantages of Skylights:

Looking to add a skylight to your living space? Consider the best skylight product on the market: VELUX®. Gold Coast Skylights exclusively installs VELUX® skylights for their superior quality product, supported by extensive testing, quality control, and guarantee. By adding a VELUX® skylight to your home, you’ll add naturally-beautiful sunlight into your living space.

  • Natural Light. Skylights allow natural light to brighten up a dark room. This way you can enjoy the early morning rays of sunshine, see the orange glow of a sunset, and the natural beauty of a bright sunny day.
  • Control light. By installing skylight blinds, you can control the amount of sunlight that passes through the skylight in the same way you control your other windows. Choose from either manual or remote controlled blinds in over 60 different colors and styles.
  • Additional venting and cooling. Choosing a skylight that opens provides fresh air into your living space. As heat rises, it can leave through an open skylight, reducing your need for air conditioning during the year. Skylights create a chimney effect, directing moisture and odors out of your home, which gives your home improved air quality and a fresh smell. And when you want the skylight closed, it is as easy as using the manual controls or remote controller.